The Guide: Celebrating Women in Fiction 2014

Celebrating Women in Fiction

blog header cwifWelcome to Books, Babes, and the Business

We will be celebrating women in fiction the entire month of February.

We will  host a guest blogger each day, then on February 28th from 1-3 pm EST you can join us on Facebook for a big party! We’ll have virtual refreshments, hilarious games, and REAL PRIZES! Don’t miss it! Invite your friends!

Feb 1. Welcome to Celebrating Women in Fiction 2014
2. Allison M. Dickson
3. Killion Slade
4. Stacey Turner
5. Malina Roos
6. Julianne Snow
7. Paula Ashe
8. Lori Hays
9. Chantal Noordeloos
10. Jenna Willett
11. Vix Hissy McClump Kirkpatrick
12. Leslie Whitaker
13. Jennifer Wilson
14. Shewanda Pugh
15-17. Author Suzi M
18. Jennifer L. Greene
19. Christine Sutton
20. Jaime Hobbes
21. Lori R. Lopez
22. Leigh M. Lane
23. Billie Sue Mosiman
24. Mary Ann Peden-Coviello
25. Jaime Johnesee
26. Kate J. Jenkins
27. Audrey Lynn Brennan
28. Party Time!

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