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Please tell us a little bit about yourself… (would you describe yourself primarily as a writer, publisher, editor, artist, radio talk show host…) Do you focus on a specific genre with your work?

My name is Lori Hays and I like to talk. A lot. That must be why I’m the host a radio talk show! Every Saturday, I have the amazing opportunity to host authors of all genres on my show, Behind the Words. It is truly a dream gig, because authors are my celebrities. The conversations that I have are enriching, fun and simply….well, to use and entirely over used word…. EPIC! If I could only get paid to do this, I’d be talking on air every day!

Do you/Would you ever write under a male pseudonym? Why or why not?

Since I am venturing into the world of writing, and because I probably shouldn’t use my real name for my genre of choice, I will use a pen name. But not a male, no way. Not because I have anything against, strong, dominant male names. I’d just prefer to use them in my stories. Anything I write, regardless of the genre, will be written under a female name. This is simply because I feel that a woman is just as capable of selling quality literature as a man. Good marketing, an amazing story, and an established brand will enable this to be possible. Don’t need a ding dong to sell books!

Name a few of your favorite books/authors you’ve read recently:

Funny that this question follows the male pseudonym…because my most recent favorite book is written by a man with a female pseudonym… Ellie Stanton by Aurora Zahini. Truly amazing YA story, written from a troubled young woman’s perspective. I was hooked from the first page to the last!


Another favorite book that I just read is Claiming Carter by W.S. Greer. This is listed as an Erotica Thriller, and it does have some spicy scenes, but it is not hard core. And I love a sexy book written by a man.


Finally, the third book that is on the top of my list right now is Faded Diamonds by Camille Burke & Stacey Pacouloute with Mellissa Thomas. This story highlights the struggles that both young woman and their social workers experience together throughout their time in a group home. Eye opening tear jerker!


But really, pretty much everything I read becomes my favorite. And I read the books of all of the guests on my show. So, this blog entry isn’t nearly long enough to highlight all of them!

Who has been the most influential female in your personal life and how have they shaped your work?

This is probably the hardest question of all. I don’t really have just one. I have maybe one a day! Most recently, I met the future me during an interview on my show. At least I hope to be half of the woman she is, when I’m her age. Janice Hanna Thompson, published author of over 100 spectacular books, baker, wife, and mother of three, grandmother of eight, teacher, inspiration……I could go on forever. She is really amazing, and I can’t think of her and all she has accomplished without smiling, and admiring her!

If you could give your younger self one piece of advice relating to the business what would it be?

Don’t be afraid. Just do it! I was asked to be a host on the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network not even a year ago. I had no clue why the producer Pam Stack and any interest in me. I was just a lone reader who was addicted to fan clubs, talented authors and amazing books. I did not think I could pull it off, and if I did, I didn’t think I’d last very long. Boy was I wrong. It wasn’t easy at first, but it has simply been the most rewarding thing I have ever done. This can translate to writing too. This industry is not easy to break into. There are lots of options out there for readers like me. So my advice would be, figure out who you are and tell the world! And do all of this BEFORE you publish your first book. Then, write, write and write some more. Don’t give up, believe in yourself and tell your stories! There is a reader waiting for exactly what you have to say!

Do you have a current project or upcoming project you would like to tell us about?

There are tons of awesome things coming up on Behind the Words. In February we finish our double feature month of love. August will be ZOMBIE month (you won’t want to miss this!) and October will be Fright month featuring horror authors! Sometime in the mix I will also feature Children’s book authors, so definitely stay tuned. You never know what crazy concept I’ll come up with next!

Where can we find you?

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lori hays1An avid reader, mother of two (three if you count the husband) and a driven professional in her work, Lori Hays is constantly on top of current affairs – and always on the lookout for what comes next.

A lover of all things books you can find her nose deep in a romance novel one night, and deep inside a business book the next – she does not discriminate against genres. Excelling in the world of industrial sales, Lori enjoys communicating with friends all over the world online and chatting with her favorite authors as a host on the Authors on the Air Global Radio network.

When not reading, talking, working or playing with her children you can find Lori…. Well, Lori is always reading, talking, working or playing with her children! Not much down time. Always busy, always smiling and very likely entertaining a lively conversation with someone, she is always ready and willing to talk about books.

Sekhmet Press on the Air!

Sekhmet Press LLC
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Thank you so much to Lori Hays and the Authors on the Air family for hosting Sekhmet Press today! Lori is so lovely! I was incredibly nervous but I had a great time thanks to Lori!

First of all I want to say thank you to Lori Hays for inviting me to her Behind-the-Scenes Series on Behind the Words with Lori Hays on Authors on the Air Global Radio Network. It is truly an honor to be invited, and I am very humbled that she found Sekhmet Press worthy of her show. I’d like to say I’m excited, but I’m actually quite terrified about speaking, and to top it off she made me write this blog. But I do love Sekhmet Press, and I love my authors, so I’m not going to turn down an opportunity like this.

books_by_azammii-d4idxraI read a lot as a child. So much so that I was often told to put the books away and go outside and play. I specifically remember Island of the Blue Dolphin by Scott O’Dell and Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach as being some of the first books to “transport” me out of this reality. It is as Stephen King says in one of my favorite quotes “Books are a uniquely portable magic.” CONTINUE READING HERE

Behind the Scenes at Sekhmet Press, LLC on Behind the Words with Lori Hays 01/04 | Books Podcasts

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btw lori h1Join Behind the Words host Lori Hays for the first of the special series in January, taking you behind the scenes of your favorite books. How to they make it to the shelf?

On January 4th, 2014, we will hear from Jennifer Greene with publisher Sekhmet Press, LLC.

Jennifer began writing in middle school, and fell in love with the theater in high school. In college she studied Psychology and Journalism…” READ MORE

Behind the Scenes w/ Jennifer Greene of Sekhmet Press, LLC on Behind the Words 01/04 by Authors On The Air Books | Books Podcasts.