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Please tell us a little bit about yourself, Killion… (would you describe yourself primarily as a writer, publisher, editor, artist, radio talk show host…)

The very first thing I would like to say is thank you for having me this month. It is such an honor to be featured along with so many wonderful writers on your blog.

I would describe myself primarily as a writer, though I am earnestly learning the very tedious craft of editing. I have gained such respect for editors! Editing by far has taught me more about writing than any writing class I ever attend. Editing not only my own work, but beta reading for others, proofing, and offering guidance anyway I can helps me to recall lessons, pitfalls, and bad habits to break before I sit down to write another sentence.

Do you focus on a specific genre with your work?

I would love to be a genre-snob, but it just isn’t in me. There are days when I want to write a story about a butterfly landing on my daughter’s arm on a warm, sunny day, and then there are days when I want to write the nastiest horror I can contrive. I decided to write what moves me at any given moment. I want to yield to the muse who wants their time in the limelight, so I let them take me where they want to go. Sometimes it’s pretty, more often, however, it’s not.

The one thing though I like to do is incorporate humor into horror whenever I can.  It’s an intricately delicate line to balance and I have to be careful not to make light of what the character is experiencing, but allow them their defense mechanism.

Do you/Would you ever write under a male pseudonym? Why or why not?

I do write under a male name, but it isn’t to hide the fact that I am a woman.  Both my husband and I write and we often collaborate, so we decided to build under one brand and not split up among two.  We both have Irish lineages, so it just made sense to find a name we both loved.

Name a few of your favorite books/authors you’ve read recently:

I have been reading NOS4A2 by Joe Hill and I have to say, this story has frightened me more than any of his father’s story.  Great Stuff!  I love to laugh – it is such great therapy. Unfortunately, with jobs, mortgages, and parental demands life can easily deflate any hilarity out of your soul leaving you a dried up, unfeeling corpse. By adding humor back into my life, I can forget the real horror I hear on the nightly news, and believe in humanity once again. I love to listen to funny books. I have taken a shine to Molly Harper. She has such a wonderful way of making you laugh your way through a vampire heart-staking scene.

Who has been the most influential female in your personal life and how have they shaped your work?

My daughter, hands down! She has reminded me of all my dreams, and the hows and whys of lost passions. As she grows, she helps me stay young, play games, imagine, and love everything as simple as dandelion weed growing in the front yard.  Instead of looking at the weed ruining my lawn, she reminds me of how fun it is to chase the seeds which blow away. My daughter allows me to pursue those long lost passions lost in growing up. To that, I will always be grateful and blessed to have her in my life.

If you could give your younger self one piece of advice relating to the business what would it be?

Never accept anyone telling you that you’re never good enough. Make a decision and see it all the way through. Give it all you can! Always be an hour early and never five minutes late. If you’re tardy, you better have a damn good reason and bleeding from your eyeballs! Never grow old in your heart!

Do you have a current project or upcoming project you would like to tell us about?

I am currently working on the second book in the World of Blood series, titled Revenant. I’m very excited to continue Cheyenne’s quest in finding her sister and bringing down the illegal vampire blood orchards. I am also actively working on producing the audiobook version for Exsanguinate.  It has been a great experience

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killion slade3Killion Slade is a married writing team who met in the virtual realms of Second Life and virtually enjoy everything. Mrs. Slade delves into the paranormal urban fantasy and horror stories, whereas Mr. Slade prefers sci-fi and high fantasy. Members of the Horror Writers Association and the Paranormal Romance Guild, they storyboard their characters inside Second Life as their avatars reveal their stories. Tucked away in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Northern Montana, they stay busy chasing kids, corralling horses and cats, and enjoying the harvest from their garden. Married on Halloween – they love to live life to the fullest and embrace one another each and every day.