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blog header cwifJennifer L. Greene

Please tell us a little bit about yourself…

A little about myself… Well, I own Sekhmet Press LLC, what I like to call a micro-press publisher. I started out working as editor and publicist for my husband, Patrick C. Greene when his novel PROGENY was published by Hobbes End Publishing in 2012. This led me to publishing a few of his short stories… which led me to the idea of an anthology… and here we are.

Do you focus on a specific genre with your work?

We tend to focus on the weird, absurd, dark and surreal. Our first anthology was a collection of Vampire stories and the next collection is about Ghosts. There will be another anthology in the Fall, but the specifics on that are under wraps for now.

Name a few of your favorite books/authors you’ve read recently:

Lately I’ve been in love with the Discovery of Witches series by Deborah Harkness, and pretty much anything written by Allison M. Dickson. I’ve just discovered horror author Cecilia Dockins, and romance novelist Shewanda Pugh, both of whom show some real talent and I look forward to reading more from those ladies. And then of course, one of the most fun things I’ve read lately are The Metatron Mysteries by James Glass.

Who has been the most influential female in your personal life and how have they shaped your work?

No doubt, my Mother. She is the most influential woman in every area of my life. But, I think I also have to give props to two women from my middle-school days: my English teacher, Ms. McGee, and fellow student, Jan Thrasher. Both of them were pure inspiration to me.

If you could give your younger self one piece of advice relating to the business what would it be?

Don’t doubt yourself and always do your best. Even when you feel like your journey is leading nowhere, it’s all adding up to something. Something good.

Do you have a current project or upcoming project you would like to tell us about?

Absolutely! This weekend we just released the highly anticipated follow up in The Metatron Mysteries series, THE DISPOSSESSED by James Glass. The reviews are blowing my mind. Every time a good review comes in my heart just explodes with joy and gratitude. Also on my agenda right now is the follow up to Wrapped In Red, WRAPPED IN WHITE: Thirteen Tales of Spectres, Ghosts, and Spirits. That anthology will release in March, and I’m definitely excited to send that baby out into the world. Great stories. I really hope everyone enjoys them as much as I do.

Where can we find you?

Here is our on-line store:

The Dispossessed High Rez Cover-001


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CLICK to buy on AMAZON

CLICK to buy on AMAZON


jen 2013Jennifer began writing in middle school, and fell in love with the theater in high school. In college she studied Psychology and Journalism, then worked for over a decade in prestige cosmetics management, where she gained retail and marketing experience to add to her love of words and the arts. Acting as office manager, publicist, editor, and publisher at Sekhmet Press LLC, Ms. Greene also juggles managing her husband’s writing career, and raising an almost teenage boy. Sanity is not her strong suit, but she has a passion for the arts and artists; and truly believes “Books are a uniquely portable magic.” (S.K.) She also has a tendency toward cats and coffee.

The Guide: Celebrating Women in Fiction 2014

Celebrating Women in Fiction

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We will be celebrating women in fiction the entire month of February.

We will  host a guest blogger each day, then on February 28th from 1-3 pm EST you can join us on Facebook for a big party! We’ll have virtual refreshments, hilarious games, and REAL PRIZES! Don’t miss it! Invite your friends!

Feb 1. Welcome to Celebrating Women in Fiction 2014
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18. Jennifer L. Greene
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23. Billie Sue Mosiman
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27. Audrey Lynn Brennan
28. Party Time!

Books, Babes, and the Business

Women in Fiction

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Celebrating Women in Fiction


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We will have a full line up of guest bloggers almost every day in February ranging from authors, to readers, to cover artists, to publishers!

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Behind the Scenes at Sekhmet Press, LLC on Behind the Words with Lori Hays 01/04 | Books Podcasts

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btw lori h1Join Behind the Words host Lori Hays for the first of the special series in January, taking you behind the scenes of your favorite books. How to they make it to the shelf?

On January 4th, 2014, we will hear from Jennifer Greene with publisher Sekhmet Press, LLC.

Jennifer began writing in middle school, and fell in love with the theater in high school. In college she studied Psychology and Journalism…” READ MORE

Behind the Scenes w/ Jennifer Greene of Sekhmet Press, LLC on Behind the Words 01/04 by Authors On The Air Books | Books Podcasts.

Don’t Worry ~ We Got This!

Sekhmet Press LLC

The Sekhmet Press Team

Jen March 2010 editThe Publisher, Editor, Publicist, Office Manager: Ms. Greene balances her time between managing Sekhmet Press LLC, her horror writer husband’s career, and an almost teenage boy. Sanity is not her strong suit, but she has a passion for the arts and artists; and truly believes  “Books are a uniquely portable magic.” (SK) She also has a tendency toward cats and coffee.

Patrick Promo ShotThe Writer: Mr. Greene… Do we really have to talk about him again?

audrey art self portraitThe Illustrator, Beta Reader, Proofreader: Ms. Brennan was born in Gary Indiana on July 6th 1876. The auspicious event was declared a state holiday and celebrated with roast boar and tequila. To this day citizens of Gary are often plagued by mysterious hangover-like symptoms on July 7th. Audrey went on to win international acclaim in the field of necroentomology in 1921 for her discovery of 17 separate species of necromorphic (“zombie”) moths. After an unsettling encounter with census takers in 1979, she vanished from the public eye until November 2008 when she was apprehended while attempting to smuggle an 18 wheeler full of Hostess cupcakes into Tijuana, Mexico. She now illustrates an array of horror and erotica series when her medication allows.

woman screaming jenThe Lovely and Mysterious Benefactor:  We think we’ve said all we can.

paper-luigi-610x774The Kid: Always says it can look “better.” Is he pushing the team? Or will he just never be satisfied?

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